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Backpacking Copenhagen - Your guide to hostels,backpacking,budget train, Eurail,youth hostels and doing it for cheap!Youth hostels in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Dublin, Venice for your backpacking trip.Backpacking Copenhagen. Hostels, Packing, Youth Hostels and how to backpack Europe!

All the best hostels for cities in Denmark like Copenhagen and Aarhus. You'll enjoy your stay at these hostels - they range from Copenhagen party hostels to quiet, relaxing hostels in Aarhus. To book any of the hostels in Denmark listed here or for more information or photos, just click on the links below. Enjoy your trip to Copenhagen, Aarhus and the rest of Denmark - and be sure to submit your hostel reviews when you return!
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Hostels in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Kastrup
Absalon Annex-Copenhagen 1, 2 person privates. Book Now
Cab Inn Copenhagen-Copenhagen 1, 2 and 3 person privates. Book Now
Cab Inn Scandinavia-Copenhagen 1, 2, 3 and 4 person privates. Book Now
Copenhagen Sleep-in-Copenhagen 6 person dorms. Book Now
Hotel Euroglobe-Copenhagen 1 and 2 person privates. Book Now
Leda Hotel-Copenhagen 2 person privates. Book Now
Luftmadrassen CPH-Copenhagen 8 person dorms. Book Now
Sleep-in-Heaven-Copenhagen 14 person dorms. Book Now
Zleep Airport Hotel-Copenhagen 1 and 2 person privates. Book Now
Cab Inn Aarhus-Aarhus 1, 2 and 3 person privates. Book Now
Hotel Bel Air-Kastrup 2 person privates. Book Now
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